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Shawn Harper – The Popular National Middle School and High School Speaker Audiences don’t just love him; they adore him. Students, teens, adults and even kids like his style of delivery and root for him every time he is on stage. This is Shawn Harper; an ex-NFL player and now entrepreneur and motivational speaker. When he speaks, people listen with interest. Call him for your college event or a conference or assembly in high school and see the joy that students get in interacting with him. His sessions are not sermons; they are demonstrations. Demonstrations of how a person who was born in impoverished surroundings with four siblings and a single mother grew up to be a successful NFL player. His speeches are a lesson about how your students can write their own destiny by overcoming their limitations just like he himself did. Shawn overcame learning disabilities and speech impairment and reached a position where he is today. He’s a successful life coach, business owner and motivational national middle school speaker and high school speaker. Shawn’s ‘no excuses’ philosophy has motivated millions of students who dream big and aspire to achieve those dreams. You won’t find a better national middle school speaker and high school speaker for your school college or university assembly. Call today to book Shawn Harper for your event and get to know how he can make a difference to your event.

Students Will Be Amazed

Shawn Harper devotes a significant amount of his time with students, and they are amazed by his enthusiasm and entertaining presentations.  Students are drawn to and fascinated by Shawn because of his humorous, rousing presentations and feats of strength.  He moves students to excitement and helps awaken their inner being where they are able to realize their abilities and unlimited potential.  Shawn infuses his mantra, “We’re not born winners or losers, we’re born choosers,” in the hearts of young people to expand their minds and impel them to greatness.

Over the last of 15 years, Shawn has reached thousands of students from all socio-economic backgrounds and has traveled to all 50 states to reach, motivate, and empower our youth.  Invite Shawn to speak at your next school assembly, camp or afterschool program. Your students will be amazed and inspired by the former NFL player’s presence, dynamic story and powerful message.

What People Are Saying

I REALLY can’t express how AMAZING Shawn was! His timing, delivery, message – all powerful and perfect! The students were very
engaged. The administration couldn’t believe how connected they were to him as he spoke and it seemed he never lost his audience.

When he was finished, the staff rushed me to say, “Wow! That was amazing!” “He’s the best we’ve ever had here!” “How in the world did you find him?” “You need to be sure he returns every 3 years so that every student hears his message!”

One of the best moments in his speech was when he put a 6th grade girl on his back, then an 8th grade boy, then he pointed to the principal and the crowd went wild. Shawn didn’t know this was the principal, but it was absolutely serendipity! My son said kids came up to him all day and asked “Was that your mom who brought him here? He was so awesome!”

So, needless to say – everyone loved him. His message was just what I was hoping for, passionate and inspiring! Thank you for helping me execute this presentation so effortlessly! I’ll definitely spread the word here about what a great experience we had with him!

Gia Guidry


Shawn Harper welcomes the opportunity to speak at your next event.  He tailors his messages to fit the purpose of your event and the needs of your audience. To learn more about Shawn’s messages and book him for your upcoming engagement,

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