Frequently Asked Questions

What does Shawn talk about?

As a former college and seven-year professional football player, he uses wit, humor, feats of strength, and his NFL experiences to draw in and captivate students. His topics can be applied and tailored to meet specific programs such as Pep Rally’s, Kick-off Programs, Red Ribbon Week, Academic Testing, Prom Promise, and Graduation.

Shawn’s topics include issues like

  • bullying and violence
  • self-mutilation and eating disorders
  • drugs and alcohol
  • self-esteem
  • character and peer pressure
  • gangs
  • goal setting and personal dreams
  • Power of Choice


  • “Cream Rises to the Top – #154” – This message is about Shawn’s journey from graduating last in his class (#154) with four learning disabilities, severe speech impediments and a living in a broken and impoverished home environment to achieving college graduation, NFL status, becoming a motivational speaker, and CEO of his own company.
  • “Breaking the Chains” – Shawn shares how to detect, address, and break destructive patterns of thinking and cycles of behavior in your students’ lives.
  • “You’re not a Winner or Loser – You’re a Chooser!” – This is about empowerment and motivation, teaching students to move from being victims to victors.
  • “Just who do you think you are?” – This is about self-concept and self-esteem.  It addresses the inner-thoughts and attitudes students have toward and about themselves and making changes where necessary.
  • “Why Me?” – An anti-bully message. Empowering people in harassing situations in developing an atmosphere where every individual can thrive and prosper.


Why is Shawn the best speaker for us?

Shawn’s presentations are unlike any other school speaker out there. He uses right brained thinking and feats of strength to draw in the students. There is never a dull moment; he keeps everyone on the edge of their seats.

Shawn tailors his programs to suit the needs and culture of your particular school and student body. If you choose Shawn, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will give Shawn a picture of your specific purpose and needs for your program. Additionally, you can choose from one of Shawn’s title presentations or topics listed above.


Can you tell me a little about Shawn?

A classic rags-to-riches story, Shawn was born and raised in an impoverished area of Columbus, Ohio. Faced with insurmountable odds such as four learning disabilities, poverty, speech challenges, and the lowest GPA in his senior class, Shawn rose from an average football player to graduating from college and winning several national achievement awards as an athlete, even being drafted into the National Football League.

Shawn was on the roster of several NFL teams, blocking for two Heisman trophy candidates and two all-pro running backs. Shawn is currently CEO of American Services and Protection in Columbus, Ohio. He is living proof that a set-back is a set up for a comeback!

Now, he travels the country sharing the wisdom he has gained through life experiences.  He believes we “are not born winners or losers, we’re ALL born CHOOSERS!”


What are his traveling preferences?

Shawn travels out of Columbus Ohio and prefers to travel by Delta Airlines (coach seating is general fine). He will not stay in hotels where the door to his room opens directly outside where access can be gained directly from the street.


What if we don’t have the funds to bring Shawn to our school?

Though Shawn does not yet have scholarship money to use towards programs for schools, there are many options available to schools from government programs, local businesses that are sensitive to the needs of students, advocacy groups like SADD or MADD, PTA, PTO, state and local grants, etc. These funds could be for anti-bullying education, anti-drug and anti-alcohol education and similar programs. Shawn’s educational sessions can be counted towards meeting the requirements for this funding in some cases.

You can also partner with another school to bring Shawn in for 3 sessions!  See details above or call Shawn’s team at 740-657-0256.  There are many options available and Shawn’s team will work with you!


How can I know when Shawn is available?

Feel free to call Shawn’s office directly if you are interested in making a reservation for a date.  The number is 740-657-0256 or you can use the online booking request form CLICK HERE and Shawn’s staff will be in touch with you within 24 hours.


What are people saying?

“Our event with Shawn was fabulous! He listened to the details regarding the needs of our student body and then tailored each program to those needs. The students were mesmerized by stories he told. Shawn had a perfect mixture of entertainment and message. From the youngest to the oldest, our students and faculty were talking after he left.  Shawn was one of the best speakers we have ever had.” Amy Brown, K-8 Counselor at White County Central

Students say –

“When you came to my school, Norwich HS in NY, I really did not want to (attend). But after five minutes, I really started to enjoy the assembly…When you took that pan and rolled it up I was amazed and knew that you wouldn’t be the same old speaker that we normally see. Thank you for coming to our school and telling us about you and motivating us to excel in everything that we pursue in our lives!”

“I’m from the PEM School. Today your speech was amazing. It inspired me to think more about myself and the way I treat other people so thanks so much!”

“I am a Jr. from Warsaw Community High School and I just wanted to say thank you for coming to my school on Tuesday! I enjoyed listening to you, not only because I am a huge football fan but because what you said really meant a lot. I loved your ‘No Pressure, No Diamond’ quote… I have so much planned for my future and all of the pressure that people put on me really is hard sometimes, but you showed me…I can use that pressure to make myself better and become that diamond.”

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