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Impactful Shawn Harper Motivational Lessons for Students

Students in their age of development have many questions unanswered. There are various which take them away from reaching for their dreams and inspiring society. Drugs, parental pressure, bullying, poverty, and depression are some of the things that affect our students’ psyche adversely. From time-to-time, they need a motivational boost from someone who has gone through it all and come up shining in the end.

Shawn Harper, born in poverty, with learning disabilities and speech deficiencies, went to become an NFL player and now conducts the Shawn Harper motivational lessons for students. A wonderfully successful business owner and motivational speaker, Shawn Harper is a force when it comes to motivating students and lifting them mentally to make them move forward towards their goals. His ‘no excuses’ philosophy hits the students’ conscience positively and takes them away from their self-deprecating feeling.

Shawn Harper relates stories about how he overcame seemingly insurmountable odds through sheer grit, determination, and passion. Today, he is a living example of his ‘no excuses’ mantra which breaks new grounds in terms of the approach and attitude required to succeed in your life.

His humor-laced sessions not only leave students tickled but also provoke them into thinking how to count their blessings and build on their assets rather than glossing over their limitations.

Shawn Harper motivational lessons for students are a perfect choice, if you wish to encourage them and stimulate them for a better tomorrow.

A Fresh Perspective

Genuine, authentic and transparent, Shawn Harper mesmerizes college students with his appealing messages and riveting delivery. He shares how he overcame insurmountable odds to reach a level of success and personal achievement that one can only imagine. Shawn embraces the reality that students’ belief in themselves and their potential are vital to their success.  Thus, Shawn provides young adults with fresh perspectives not taught in college by helping them unleash their power from within.  With Shawn’s “no excuses” mantra, he offers grounding techniques and strategies for students to win at every level of their journey.  Invite Shawn to your college or university and watch your students be transformed from the inside out.

Shawn Harper welcomes the opportunity to speak at your next event.  He tailors his messages to fit the purpose of your event and the needs of your audience. To learn more about Shawn’s messages and book him for your upcoming engagement,

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