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Unveil the Power of Shawn's Motivational Speeches and Inspirational Lessons for Business Owners and their Employees

A former NFL player and now a successful life coach, business owner, and motivational speaker, Shawn’s life has been full of successes.  The insurmountable odds he overcame to achieve these successes required instinct and true passion for his goals.  These are some of the same qualities that today’s business owners and executives need to succeed in their professional lives and fully contribute to the success of their organization.  From behind the scenes of NFL locker rooms to the front lines of American business, Shawn Harper shares his insight on:

  • overcoming limitations and winning small, daily battles that compound for greater success
  • how the concept of winning vs. success at the personal level translates to organizational achievement
  • the habits practiced by elite level athletes and business people that allow them to achieve on the world stage in large scale, high stakes situations
  • how to turn struggle into strength when confronting multi-dimensional issues that require teamwork and cohesiveness.
  • the critical mindset for uniting personnel across all business units to steer the ship while celebrating diversity and recognizing individual contributions

Never a Dull Moment

There is never a dull moment with Shawn Harper as he captivates audiences using his wit, feats of strength, and NFL experiences from the back office to the field. Shawn’s passion is investing in our greatest resource – people.  As the leader of his family business, a security guard services firm in Columbus, OH, he is the source of inspiration and communal strength for a staff of over 70 employees.   He travels throughout the world to help business executives and entrepreneurs unlock the secrets needed to achieve their goals and dreams. Shawn has been recruited globally to motivate audiences and spread powerful messages to various international locations including Holland, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Cairo, and Scotland.  He also tailors his topics to meet the specific needs of various business and corporate audiences.  Secure Shawn for your next conference, retreat, or team building event to witness an exciting, game-changing presentation that will help move your organization to the next level of success.

Always Inspiring

Shawn Harper welcomes the opportunity to speak at your next event.  He tailors his messages to fit the purpose of your event and the needs of your audience. To learn more about Shawn’s messages and book him for your upcoming engagement,

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